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14 Most Creative Paper Clip Holder Design

14 examples how paper clip holders can be creatiive and inspiring. Enjoy!

If you cannot find a creative paper clip holder you can always use Office Depot Coupons for your office.

1. Alessi Chip the paper clip holder (57$)

2. Otani Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

3. Koziol Curly The Contemporary Paper Clip Holder

4. Dozi paper-clip holder

5. Vinica Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

6. Devil Paper Clip Holder

7. Magnetic Golf Green Paper Clip Holder

8. B Duck Paper Clip Holder


9. Kam Kam Clip Container


10. Sparrow’s Nest Paper Clip Holder ($9.95)


11. drip paper clip holder

12. Yes Sir Bobble Head Paper Clip Holder- Amy Hardacre


14, guess what’s in the toilet 🙂

Butt Station – Desk Organizer, only $12 at Amazon

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