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New Shelf System : Konnex by Florian Gross

konnex bookshelves4 New Shelf System : Konnex by Florian Gross

Konnex is a new shelf system by German designer Florian Gross. It is super versatile and can be put together in several ways. It has a contemporary appearance and would fit in most places. The shelf system is a basic cube set, which can be assembled according to the need of the house. It can also be moved into a similar cubicle shape already present at home. The design in total features about six cubes with slits. Each cube can be fixed to the slit of the other and a compact voluminous shelf can be created. When not in use, the cubes can be placed one inside the other, allowing it to occupy minimal space. Most importantly, its basic design will complement any home decor style.


Join our 35,000+ followers