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2 New Designed Watches

Art Lebedev’s Segmentus Clock

segmentus black 1000 500x351 Art Lebedevs Segmentus Clock is Mesmerizing

Art Lebedev Studios who brought us the great  designs before makes it again with the Segmentus Clock – funky looking clock  (concept) that uses segmented rotating lines to form LCD style numbers on the clock face. Each segment of the clock is an articulating arrow, similar to a tiny clock hand

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The other function of delete key

4 Creative Umbrellas 

Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon Watch – built by master craftsman Thomas Prescher the hours and minutes are located on the rotating cylinders at the top. Positioned between these is a spherical, moon phase calendar.

The automatic winding weight is located at the bottom of the watch face in a hammock style mechanism which also shows the day and month.The true magic of this watch is located in between both these parts, the Prescher constant force double-axis toubillon which is no full show.

The watch is finished with two crowns which not only provide symmetry but also control the manual winding and time settings of this fantastical watch. For more images visit Watch Prosite


Join our 35,000+ followers