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12 Most Creative Bottle Stoppers

1. Happy Man Bottle Stopper

2. Gear Shift Bottle Stopper

Umbra Menagerie Wine Bottle Topper, Cat-Brass

3. Umbra Menagerie Bottle Stoppers –  four cheerful bottle stoppers in classic animal shapes.


4. Screw Bottle Stopper


5. Joie Expanding Bottle Stopper 

6. Genie in a bottle

7. Only legs bottle opeaner


8. Outdoor Spigot Faucet Bottle Stopper




9. Mosquito Wine Bottle Stopper

10. LED Bottle Stopper Lights


11. ‘bottle #600’ and ‘bottle #750’ by israeli designer Yuval Tal for israel-based studio ooga.

12. Star Wars inspired

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