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18 Most Creative Fruit Bowls

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1. Burst Fruit Bowl (29$)

2. Yumbrella Fruit Bowl / Banana Tree by Benjamin Hubert (UK)

3. Apple calendar – one apple per day – after you remove one apple from the tube and eat it, the rest of the apples will move down and reveal today’s date. At the end of the month, the tube is refilled with 31, 30 or 28 apples.


4. The Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl (find it on Amazon)

5. Candle Dish by Willem Noyons (available on Amazon)

When the last apple is eaten, just flip it over, arrange a few candles, and your fruit centerpiece become a striking, almost eerie, candelabra. Filled with white tapers, it’s modern elegance, but pop in a different color and the dripping wax will certainly punch it up a little.—Leah Konen


6. Euro Starburst Fruit Bowl (28$)



9. Earth Fruit Bowl


10. Ring Fruit Bowl


11. Fruit Stack – Vertical storage.



12. Fruit Slide


13. Bottomless Fruit Bowl – available here.



Fruit Bowl

15. Origami bowl designed by Bleijh design studio.

16. Hollowware designed by Kim Buck of Denmark – Foil Balloon Inspired Fruit Bow


biciclechainbowl Cool Bicycle Chain Bowl

 Cool Bicycle Chain Bowl

17. Cool Bicycle Chain Bowl

bubblicious 2 Bubblicious Fruit Bowl

18.Bubblicious Fruit Bowl


Pistachio is  playful and practical solution for serving nuts and olives – Just split the pistachio in two by taking the top off, providing your guests with an empty bowl ready to receive discarded pits and shells.

Just serve and watch everybody go nuts for the Pistachio :-)

Pistachio is now on PRE-SELL on our store $22.99 includes FREE shipping worldwide!

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4 Comments to "18 Most Creative Fruit Bowls"

2 | fitness geek

12 de April de 2010 to ● 5:59 PM

Why do I never see any of these cool things actually manufactured, only on forums and the like?! I really like the apple calendar – that is next on my christmas list.

3 | oce

12 de November de 2010 to ● 9:00 PM

Sehr gut nette idee, yery cool

4 | sense

11 de June de 2011 to ● 3:08 AM

I like these!Wisdom is the greatest

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