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SundayYoungDesigner 11th Runner: BothLeft



SundayYoungDesigner  is our design competition giving a young designer every Sunday a worldwide exposure and a chance to win 150$ worth design books  🙂

Inside see what stands behind the Ballerina

BothLeft is a young designer from Israel trying to figure new forms for well-known ptoducts as book shelf and Mortar & Pestle.

Ballerina Shelf  – book shelf that uses the ballerina legs, as a place holder. Available in red, white or black.

“Ballerina is known for her flexibility and physically strength. I used those 2 elements to be part of my shelf design where her legs are used to serve as shelf for books, CD’s etc.”

Chess Pawn as Mortar & Pestle – look what happens when you split the pawn:

“Mortar and pestle looks the same for ages. I thought to give it a decorative look when not in use by combining the two to create a new form – Chess Pawn.”

Both products available on Etsy.


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