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8 Most Creative Comb Design


1. Update your look with 2GB comb flash drive for $36 at AudioCubes

2. Knife Combs by  Lorenzo Damiani (red) and  Studiobo (black/yellow)


3. Gun-Comb


4. Once Was comb by Rafael Morgan

 “We are so used to some everyday objects that sometimes we don’t realize what’s behind them, where do they came from. Great part of the exotic wood that is consumed in USA and Europe are illegally imported from poor countries like Brazil. This comb reminds us of what it once was in the past. It once was a tree, it once was alive.”


5. Long Handled Comb (9$)



6. Knuckle Comb by the Kosmos Project- Protection and elegant in one


7.  “The best nit removal comb in the world” simple and elegant

8. not really a comb but advertise for hair conditioning product called Rejoice 🙂

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Join our 35,000+ followers