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SundayYoungDesigner 9th Runner: Reut Ashkenazy


SundayYoungDesigner  is our design competition exploring new designers and giving them worldwide exposure and also a chance to win 150$ worth design books 🙂

 Layers by Reut Ashkenazy, a graphic designer from Israel is our SundayYoungDesigner 9th runner.

 Layers is Alcohol designed for women. Based on the phrase: “in vino veritas” [in wine there is the truth]. Much like in this project the phrase suggests that one tends to reveal his true feelings under the influence of alcohol.

If you likes Reut Ashkenazy work  give her stars/retweet this post/ mark “like” in our FB page and maybe  Reut will be our SundayYoungDesigner  winner (150$ worth design books for 1st and 2nd place)

Think you can do better?  still time to apply here for next week runner up, only 3 more weeks to go.



Cherry Vodka Packadge



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