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16 Examples of Transforming Furniture

Sofa, Chair,table, and bed all in one

Cool Transforming Sofa Chair Design

1.  Check out this sofa, chair, table, and bed all-in-one made for a small apartment designed by Korean designers of sdesignunit.

2. Three-in-one by Roel Verhagen-Kaptein is appealing in each of its transformations.


Awesome Japanese Folding Chair Design

3. Folding chairs by Studio Dror 



 4. Compact Kitchen designed by Ilja Oelschlägel


Creative Collapsible Dining Room Table Set

5. Mealbox by Igland Design – for your next picnic use this table and 6 chairs set


 Ecological Bench Chair Furniture Design

6.  Fence Chair by Alain Berteau made of picket fence vernacular and sustainable modularity. Seats can be split or joined as needed.


 Extendable Sleek Modern Shelving System

7. A storable box or subtle side table by all appearances, this articulated shelving system by Bertrand Pinceman folds out into a rather nice bookcase. It is designed to work both on its side and upright.


 Extending Dining Table and Chairs Design 

8. Marta Antoszkeiwicz way to solve space issue for dinning table


 Transformer Bed Sofa Combination Furniture 

9.  Bed that fold out from sofa by Flou


 Transforming Furniture Chair to Kitchenette

10. A stove and kitchen workspace that doubles as a comfortable chair


הפקולטה לעיצוב חולון

11. Expending Sofa

0 Modular Bedroom Furniture Design.

2 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set

3 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set

4 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set 

12.   Would you believe that everything shown in the above image can be fit into a box that is less than 3 feet by 4 feet?

See Casulo, the brilliant


transformer furniture whole apartment in a box boxed up photo

transformer furniture whole apartment in a box unfolded photo

13. “Kenchikukagu” – entire apartment folds out of just three boxes.  $7,600 at Amazon.


14. Tagei (versatility in Japanese) by Brooklyn designer Akemi Tanaka is a  furniture that converts from table into bench.

bookcase bed

15. Bookcase into a bed


transforming furniture

16. Bunk Sofa Bed

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