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SundayYoungDesigner 7th Runner: Laura Anderson


Laura Anderson,  a Philadelphia University student is our SundayYoungDesigner 7th Runner with The Kamia Tea Kettle – teapot that looks like a bird and give tea tradition some of it’s legendary magic as Laura explain:

 ” Tea has been part of people‘s lives for almost 5000 years. Several countries have made tea an integral part of their culture, as it has multiple applications in the healing arts of medicine and meditation.

In a fast-paced world the tradition and process of making tea has been lost in electric tea kettles. Boiling water as fast as possible and adding a teabag has become the norm. People are robbed of a calming, relaxing experience.

The Kamia tea kettle acknowledges tea‘s history, culture and tradition. It encourages people to actively and consciously experience the process of making tea. For instance the Kamia doesn’t allow a teabag to be inserted as
traditionally hot water should be poured over the tea leaves. “


If you are new to our competition,  

rules are very easy: If you like Laura Anderson work you give her  stars/retweet this post/ mark “like” in our FB page and maybe she will be our SundayYoungDesigner  winner (150$ worth design books for 1st & 2nd

Think you can do better?

still time to apply here for next week runner up, only 5 more weeks to go.

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