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Matali Crasset for Alessi

Matali crasset and pastry chef Pierre Hermé have collaborated to create
essentiel de patisserie‘, a series of pastry tools designed for alessi.
the four piece collection consists of a cake plate, cul-de-poule mixing bowl, whisk
and spatula. the utensils themselves are designed to be rational and straightforward.
the new collection was presented at macef 2010.

‘I decided to define a clear use scenario for each instrument with the aim of maintaining
the simplicity I had observed in pâtisserie utensils. I therefore designed objects
that are at once professional and generous, by which I mean that they are also accessible
even to non specialists.’ –

The cul-de-poule, a semi-spherical stainless steel container comprised of a round bump
which allows the flexibility of mixing both small and large quantities of ingredients.
the bump doubles as a handle for ease of grip. the bowl consists of two sections
and is made of 18/10 stainless steel and silicone.

La spatola combines the characteristics of a plastic spoon and a silicone blade.
the rigid side serves to mix the ingredients at the beginning, while the soft part allows
chefs to finish a mixture and scrape the container empty. la spatula is made of PA
and silicone. ‘for this particular item the idea was to mingle a spatula with a spoon,
hence to bring about mutation rather than evolution.’ –

the aim of the cake plate is to put emphasis on the cake itself. from the circular shapes to
the bright color palette, crasset was influenced by concentric circles and the vibrant
hues of cakes inherent to pastry making. the plate is made of interposable elements
in melamine.


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