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13 Amazing Paper Art Artists

I used to see the following paperwork in several websites but always had an excuse why not to publish it…but when I walked into this post by WebDesignerDepot.com I knew it’s time to… 🙂

1. Peter Callesen – all made of A4 paper!

2. Jen Stark – choose colored paoer just cause other metirials where expensive

3. Simon Schubert – use no color in his work!

4. Brian Dettmer: Book Sculptures

5. Sher Christopher

6. Elisa Mora

7. Yulia Brodskaya

8. Su Blackwell

9. Richard Sweeney


10. Jolis Paons

11. Bovey Lee

12. Bert Simons

13. Ingrid Siliakus

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Join our 35,000+ followers