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SundayYoungDesigner 3rd Runner: Taryn Zychal


Stuff you can do with broken umbrellas…

Broken umbrellas can be found everywhere on winter time…maybe not in Philadelphia due to our SundayYoungDesigner 3rd runner up Taryn Zychal (25 year old product designer from Philadelphia,PA) who  started her own company called Recycling Zychal on Earth Day of this year, designing products from broken umbrellas!.
“My work deals primarily with the rescue and functional reuse of broken umbrellas, specifically the nylon that I strip from the broken umbrellas. I transform it into stylish, functional, hand made upycled soft goods, such as my Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coat and the HOOD, which is a modern day babushka for fashionistas that care about the environment. My work goes far beyond recycling as the umbrellas are literally taken directly out of the waste stream and it doesn’t take any special process to convert into something new, just some TLC. After every rainstorm in Philadelphia, I go out an rescue broken umbrellas from the streets, the garbage, and from wherever they may have been thrown. My friends help collect them for me and I’ve recently been getting alot of broken umbrellas from people around the country looking to do something with their broken umbrellas.”

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