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Pink Cadillac

CarGo – Cargo Bike Cover

Have a guess what this is? 🙂

The CarGo is a pilot project in Copenhagen, site of the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, for handling their 15,000 city bicycles – this fiberglass, car-shaped shell, by Danish design firm Goodmorning Technology has cabins to store 4 cargo bikes inside and takes the space of just one traditional car parking spot. Cool!


The ‘car’ has four solar powered ‘headlights’ that turn on after dark. In addition, a solar powered light turns on inside when one of the doors is opened. Hooks and a net are mounted on the walls of each cabin, for hanging up rain clothes and other gear.

Copenhagen Cargo Bike Car Parking

Here is the real reason for this post title – a chance to listen to rock legend 🙂

[youtbe qD5Vythvxig]

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