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Announcing 1DesignPerDay 1st Design Competition

1 Design Per Day is happy to announce our 1st design competition: SundayYoungDesigners.

Competition is open for everyone who are looking for their design career break – can be anyone with  product design/concept before making his big money out of selling it 🙂

We have Taschen books as prizes and above all we offer thousands of viewers for your design work.

Want to hear more? get inside for all competition details

Competition details:

  • Running time for competition = 12 weeks starting Sunday 13st of December.
  • Each Sunday, 1 Design Per Day will publish it’s weekly designs selected out of the weekly entries
  • Entries can be any product that came to your mind, obviously inspirational designs are preferred 🙂


Entering the competition is easy:  just send us email to info at 1DesignPerDay.com with the following:

  • information about yourself (name, email, country, etc)
  • a description of your work, inspiration, etc.
  • at least two, JPEG images of your design. YouTube links are also welcome.

By entering the competition you understand this competition is for providing young designers make their first design break and you declare that your design work is in it’s early stage and you are not making a living out of it.

UPDATE: Contest is OPEN for submission till March 28th

Picking the winners

Picking the winners among all selected entries will be by 2 factors:

Web2.0 score (80%) that will be based on:

1. The amount of tweets your design got

2. Star rating score your design work got

3. Number of people mark your design as “Like” on 1 Design Per Day Facebook page

1DesignPerDay team score (20%) based on simply how we liked your design 🙂

So as you can figure out winning is mostly about people voice – push your design work to your friends and make them vote for you!

The Prize List

here is the best part 🙂

1st Prize Winner: $100 worth books at Taschen

2nd Prize Winner: $50 worth books at Taschen

That’s all, Questions? use the comment form below.

Good luck, and have fun 🙂

1 Design Per Day Team

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