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4 Cool Designed Kitchen Gadgets

Can you guess what is this uses for? answer inside

It’s Origami Soy Sauce Jar as the symbole of honor and loyality. I love it!


UFO Juicer

UFO Intergalactic Juicer features a sturdy construction, pulp strainer, and removable saucer for easy cleaning. Bonus: you get all the fun of an alien invasion design 🙂


Gaby Green Cheese Grater

Gaby Green – grate your cheese into shape. Gaby isn’t the only Green that can grace your kitchen though. There’s an entire family of Greens (showen below) including Mayor Corey Green (an apple corer), Marshall Green (potato masher), and Joyce Green (citrus reamer).

HEAD CHEFS Kid’s Posable Silicone Kitchen Utensils


Join our 35,000+ followers