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YoYo is not always a toy…

Most chances you are familier with YoYo as kid’s toy that looks like that:

But sometimes Yo-yo can look like an animal, food or even as multi function as iPhone accessorie  – details inside

Ladybird Design Wooden Yo-Yo Children Yo Yo Toy Pink


yo yo toy hamburger

Yo-Yo Toy That Looks Like a Hamburger

This yoyo is made of aeronautical aluminum based on jairo principal  that makes him one of the fastest ever!
Designed by Shahar Katsav design studio. Get it here



But sometimes YoYo can inspire objects design…

Illuminated Yo-Yo Table

This colorful table with its yo-yo inspired design and a wide range of beautiful colors looks great on any room. The cable length can be adjusted and hidden away due to the smart storage design, integrated into the table.

The Lounge Table is available from the Pid.se website for $1,150 USD.


Yo-Yo Lamp

The YoYo  floor lamp ($317) by Elmar Flototto has got both beautiful and smart design. Place the lamp wherever you feel like and simply roll out the exact cord length needed.


 iYo – iPhone charger concept by Swedish designer Peter Thuvander .

A small Li-ion battery inside the yo-yo would build up a charge during play, so electrical gadgets could be plugged and charged afterwards.

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Join our 35,000+ followers