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Click – Virtual 36 Colors Lamp

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Click is an downloadable immaterial lamp created by the product design company Blank bubble. This mood lamp uses the computer screen a s a light source to diffuse color sequences at various speed. Easy to use and intuitive, it presents itself as an incandescent light bulb suspended by its cord. Among other things, The various commands allow you to drag the light bulb over the screen, make it disappear in order to display the colored halo only, to select up to 36 colors and decide the order and speed of each colored sequence. On the website, Blank Bubble proposes this original trade and offers for you to download the lamp in exchange of a donation whose amount is up to you. As playful as it is delicate, this unusual lamp, by its subtle presence, creates a warm and soothing atmosphere.

I already download it 🙂

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Join our 35,000+ followers