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100% Design Tokyo 2009 Collection

Animal Vase by Furnish
“Like a pet but not a pet. Like a vase but not a vase,” says the design collective that describes its creative process as 80% fun factor combined with 20% self-expression.

Scrap Chair by Yutaka Yanasigawa

“When I was a child, all the cars collected at an auto scrap factory had their windows taken off. Looking at those somewhat sorry looking cars, I found myself wondering, “What had they done with the windows?” –The designer muses on how he came to create a chair from a recycled windshield.


BGM Project by Dongjin Byeon and Youngin Koh

Drop Light by Doosan Baek

The chandelier-like Drop Light functions as a charging console for the four battery powered tear drop-shaped lights. Each individual light can be removed, flipped around, and placed around the room as a tabletop torche.


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Join our 35,000+ followers