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22 Creative Magazines Rack

The Mela | Fazai38
Human Magazine Rack - Thinking Man | Fazai38Typographic Rack | Fazai38
Fetch by Rafael Morgan and Paul Hendrikx, from Studio Mango.
The Mela | Fazai38
The Mela by Umbra.

Subway | Fazai38
Subway – design by Thomas Bernstrand


Septiembre (chair+magazine rack) | Fazai38
Septiembre (chair+magazine rack) – design by: miguel angel iranzo sanchez
Aguayo (dog) | Fazai38
Aguayo (dog), 2007


Wallpaper Magazine Rack | Fazai38
Wallpaper Magazine Rack – design by: Maria Berntsen

Sprung Magazine Rack | Fazai38
Sprung Magazine Rack – design by: Michael Sodeau

W Magazine Stand | Fazai38
W Magazine Stand – design by: Eric Pfeiffer

Portariviste Four-Pocket Magazine Rack | Fazai38
Portariviste Four-Pocket Magazine Rack – desgin by: Giotto Stoppino

Broken Umbrella Challenge Winner | Fazai38
Broken Umbrella Challenge Winner


Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Magazine Rack | Fazai38
Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Magazine Rack – design by: BONNELYCKE ARKITEKTER MDD

Human Magazine Rack - Thinking Man | Fazai38
Human Magazine Rack – Thinking Man

RAK Magazine Rack

Magtable Coffee Table | Fazai38
Magtable Coffee Table – desgin by: Satina Turner

Illuzine Magazine Rack | Fazai38
Illuzine Magazine Rack – desgin by: Satina Turner


3d Wall Mount Magazine Rack | Fazai38
3d Wall Mount Magazine Rack

Deluxe Wall-Mount Magazine Rack | Fazai38
Deluxe Wall-Mount Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack - Chrome
Magazine Rack – Chrome

Toilet Magazine Rack | Fazai38
Toilet Magazine Rack

Typographic Rack | Fazai38
Typographic Rack

Ladder Mag Rack | Fazai38
Ladder Mag Rack


Small Hang-It Display | Fazai38
Small Hang-It Display


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