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15 Most Creative Bench Designs

Pencil Bench by boex

The letter bench by (again) boex was designed for an entrance of a hospital in bristol, england, UK.
the public seating has been designed in the shape of a postcard [Via]

Bicycle seat bench by Sebastian Errazuriz


2 level bench

Spaghetti Bench Design

Spaghetti bench designs by Pablo Reinoso (Argentina)

Spaghetti Bench

Seesaw Bench

Seasaw Bench – great way to make friend with strangers 🙂 [link]

‘Romeo & Juliet’ benche

Bench Designs by Matthias Pliessnig

Bench Designs by Matthias Pliessnig 3

Bench Designs by Matthias Pliessnig 4

Creative wooden benches by Matthias Pliessnig. [link]

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Tennis Ball Benches

Image: Muungano bench

Muungano Bench by Peter Thuvander.

This  bench is placed at British Library.

ribs bench

The plie sandal by Stefan Lie

334 Newspaper Bench

334 Newspaper Bench 2

The “334” bench is made of 3 parallel bars of metal and 334 newspapers folded and stacked next to each other.  [link]


dynamic bench design– full of intersections, odd angles and strange ways to face toward or away from your neighbors.

mobile bench” by Rogier Martens

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