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Belkiz Feedaway by Betul Madakbas


With ‘Belkiz Feedaway’ by Betul Madakbas, 100% recyclable, little tots can sit, eat and play in this portable and lightweight version of the traditional feeding chair.

‘Belkiz Feedaway’ is strong and safe, portable and lightweight. The chair can be pulled out for use as required – making it ideal for travelling and public spaces. Constructed out of only two pieces of cardboard, the ‘Feedaway’ is easy to assemble and comes with an extra tray.

The invention was inspired by the need of cost effective, ‘take away’ toddler furniture for convenience in transit, travel and off-site nursing. The inventor wanted a product to last the time of a growing toddler and not end up on the garbage tip, once the child grows.

All pieces of the ‘Belkiz Feedaway’ are cut from one sheet of cardboard, minimising waste and creating a no frills product, with minimal energy consumption due to its simple production process.

Materials were used that can withstand the use of a toddler (or small hurricane) and the non-toxic coating can also be easily cleaned.

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