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Manana Lamp by Marie-Louise Gustafsson

A sketched portrait turned into a lamp. Pencil thin. Graphite grey. Powder-coated steel with a rough touch. Leaning against the wall as if just waiting for someone to turn it on. Marie-Louise Gustafsson’s lamp seems to have taken on a life of its own outside the comic strip.
“I rarely get an idea as quickly and directly as this, but the Mañana Lamp came like a flash. I had been pushing myself too hard for an exhibition, and I drew my own body in different shapes in order to relax and get some perspective. The form just stepped right out at me, out of the sketch book, and I rushed to the workshop!” Marie-Louise has also designed the bicycle basket Carrie for Design House Stockholm. She often adopts a mimetic approach, mimicking her everyday self in a lighthearted way.


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Join our 35,000+ followers