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3 Creative Yachts Designs By Starck & More


Check out this ‘Yacht A’, a Giga Yacht designed by legendary Philip Starck, looks like a spaceship. It is approximately 387 feet/120 meter long with 3 pools, one master suite, six guest suites and 42 rooms for staff members. This Giga Yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko who has got it built for around 150 million euros in Germany.

a giga yacht

Kevin Schopfer (US) designed unusually shaped yacht named ‘oculus‘  to accommodate 12 guests for a long distance cruising yacht,  incorporate swimming pool and a sun deck,with a starting price of 95 million US dollars

Looks like a large-scaled sea creature with the jaw and eyes of a whale and a small fin on the top.


3 levels yacht that looks like that…

Alastair Callender‘s eco-friendly Soliloquy yacht proves that future pleasure vessels can maintain opulence without damaging the earth. At 58 meters long, wind, solar and hybrid marine technologies power the rigid wing yacht, resulting in zero emissions capabilitity, lower fuel costs and a quieter journey.


Combining Solar Sailor‘s proven technology with Alastair Callender‘s yacht design knowledge, theSoliloquy pushes the boundaries of both clean living and luxury yachts of the future.



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