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Creative zip ties products & more

zip pattern

Come inside – you’ll be amazed!

Chen Neta and Rochman Mali (Israel) sent us these amazing producs:

 The Israeli Connection Project that embodying the Israeli spirit of improvisation. All the products made of a base material of zip ties, which are inexpensive, flexible and strongly connected to the Israeli mentality of “solving things”. The baskets, vases, table tops and standing lamps are composed of tiny fragments of plastic; each zip tie is looped together with several others to knot the circular patterns together.


zip table



zip ties wase


One piece

A set of unique candles, made entirely of wax, classic structure of traditional Shabat candles, but when you light the wick the entire candle lights up inside, from top to bottom.


one piece candle

Contact the designers by email for purchase info:Mane.design@gmail.com

Join our 35,000+ followers