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10 Most Creative Room Dividers

Paravent by Mona Hatoum (UK) – Based on a fold-out cheese grater scaled up to the size of a room divider or screen giving it surreal and architectural dimensions.


Natural Tree Branch Divider by Natsiq Outdoor features towering tree branches attached to a lacquered stainless steel base. It acts much the same way a natural privacy screen of trees would, allowing in just the right amount of light and breaking up the space without closing it off.


Fiberglass Bars

Room divider or modern art sculpture? It’s difficult to tell. Fiberglass bars mounted on a plank of wood catch the light and just barely provide a glimpse of the other side.

Phenomena – Room divider by Sang Hoon Kim

Characterized by an organic and pleasing appearance, this room divider is about the phenomenon of light. Light is always moving and,due to reflection, refraction and shadow, leaves behind a fantastic impression.


Illuminated Room Divider – serve also as light source


Water Bottle Privacy Screen by Klein Dytham- made from recycled water bottles


Toilet Paper Room Divider by Gary Hutton and Timothy Gemmill- You’ve got to store toilet paper somewhere :-)

Silverton Bookshelf Design Room Divider [link] – books are not real ones :-)




This modular partition system called ‘Cell’ by the Edelweiss Industrial Design studio allows you to custom-create a room divider in the shape, size and density that you need for that particular space. Thin boomerang-shaped strips of wood connect together and are easily arranged into regular or irregular patterns, giving you control over the transparency and look of the divider.

Molo Design, softseating and softwall

Molo Design, softseating and softwall

Molo white softwall

Paper softwall by Molo Design (Canada) – you can even have it with LED lightning

The room divider aku is a small sample of how the textile can be used as a sound-absorbing element in interior such as open landscape offices etc. aku has a foot that is possible to use as a seat. When several are put together the room dividers can be used also as a relax/lounge area

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9 Comments to "10 Most Creative Room Dividers"

2 | Marcus

12 de June de 2009 to ● 1:40 PM

Haha, that cheese grater one would be PERFECT for our website office!

3 | zens 28

13 de June de 2009 to ● 10:41 AM

Wow thats really coool the last one with the paper walls

4 | tommy

13 de June de 2009 to ● 3:50 PM

these are great! thanks for taking the time to post.

5 | Bruno

14 de June de 2009 to ● 6:49 AM

I think the paper softwall is the coolest. Looks real easy to set up too.

6 | Alicia

14 de June de 2009 to ● 9:21 PM

I would really love to do the water bottle one. Where can one find instructions on making that one. Great post!

7 | tim

15 de June de 2009 to ● 12:37 AM

If you can see through it- its not a room divider.

8 | kre8iveminds

14 de July de 2009 to ● 11:18 AM

All are beautiful designs. Conceptually made.
Thanks for the collection.

9 | Littlethings

14 de August de 2010 to ● 1:13 PM

I absolutely love them all!! My favorite tho is the Phenomena room divider (and also their lighting & coffee table on their site!!) It is absolutely gorgeous.

I just found 1designperday today and I am absolutely loving it, it has turned into my favorite blog/rss feed!! Thank you!! =o)

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