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15 Most Creative Candles Designs

Cappuccino Coffee Candle

Cappuccino Coffee Candle [link]

Swiss Cheese Candle

Swiss Cheese Candle… looks delicious!  [link]


Giant Lego Candles [Product page]

Fried Egg Candle

Fried Egg Candle [link]

Beer Candle

Beer candle

Stacked Poker Chip Candles - Medium Stack

Stacked Poker Chip Candles

Hand Gesture Candles

Hand Gesture Candles 2

Hand Gesture Candles 3

Hand Gesture Candles from Atelier WM. The [link]

Sushi Candles

Sushi Candles, comes with 4 pieces of sushi plus a side of wasabi and pickled ginger. [link]

Rock Candles

Rock Candles 2

Rock Candles [link]

Candlestrip – will make you think twice about your energy usage

Light Bulb Candle

Light Bulb Candle, no electricity required 🙂 [link]

Melt Candle

Melt Candle [link]

Cake Candles

Cake Candles, perfect for a birthday party. [link]

BIC Lighter Candle

BIC Lighter Candle [link]

Camera Candel By Darin Montgomery (USA)

[Via: toxel, designspotter]

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