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10 Cool Apple Concept Products

Before you get too excited, I  would like to mention that all are concept products – meaning, you can’t get them in stores, they are for openning your imagination and give you creative inspiration. Enjoy! 🙂

iShow by Moti Barzilay

iShow is a portable projector designed for Apple’s line of iPods, iPhones, and MacBooks. 


iLight by Miyoshimasato

An Apple Torch USB

LMacTouch by Mayyen Chan

The LMacTouch can use solar energy as a power source. 


iRing by Victor Soto

The iRing syncs with the iPod or iPhone via Bluetooth giving you total control over your Apple media devices.


Sony Apple Remote by Jason Roebuck

 iView by Nuno Teixeira


iSpine by Tommaso Gecchelin

Apple Mac Folder by Tryi Yeh

Tryi Yeh attempts to give us a skinny MacBook with an awesome UI, which is similar to the iPod. 


iSphere by Chris De Schryver

iWish by Mat Brady

PSP and iPhone got married and had babies, then iWish would be their first born! 


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