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Most Creative Ice Cube Trays

lego ice cube tray

Lego ice cube trays available in two colours, yellow and blue for $7.99 from the Lego Shop.

With COOL JAZZ – enjoy the music in your glass

icetris tetris ice cube trays by mystake

Tetris Icetris ice cube trays by Dima Komissarov (Russian)  for Mystake design house

With enough frozen blocks, you should be able to play a complete game in the confines of your hi-ball glass 🙂

Titanic Ice cube tray

Spray rose ice cubes –  will turn any old ice bucket into a stunning centerpiece

Strawberry Ice Cube Tray – who won’t pay 5$ for that, ha?! 🙂

Space Invaders ice cube trays

bullet ice cube tray for only 6$

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Join our 35,000+ followers