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Most Creative Business Cards

cutting edge
This card may look cool, but it is also sharp not sure people will keep it in their pants pocket 🙂

You may create a cool message when you connect all of the business cards, but who is going to collect all 8.

kevin mitnick
Breaking lock tools as business card for security consulting firm….

lush treated
Not only will people remember that you mow lawns, but hopefully those seeds will make people’s lawn grow faster so they call you more often.

Great way to get potential customers engaged in what you do.

Simplistic, yet effective , specially if you are a radio presentor

rubber band
This would have worked well during the live strong bracelet period

toy car
Not only is this card cool, but it is also fun to play with.

we love money
At least you are upfront with your motives.

Nils von Blanc Business Card

this one comes with a smell 🙂

Piano Repair Business Card

Piano Repair Business Card

Flow Yoga Business Card

With this card you are ready to Yoga class

Manicurist Business Card

Manicurist Business Card

More examples here and here and even here 🙂

Join our 35,000+ followers